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We believe in immersive and synergetic experiences with our clients. This is all about them!
To accomplish the impossible for our clients, we take a 5-step approach in all our engagements and assignments.

Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success” – Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO.

Our key differentiator is translating the model into individual action plans, and a measurable Return on Investment by connecting new ideas with business realities. In addition to that, organisations benefit from enhanced capability among individual managers to take on new leadership roles and responsibilities, offering alternate career paths and better succession planning.

Our 4-Step Process is as follows:

  • Explain the concept of design thinking, process innovation and the various elements associated with the concepts.
  • To work with the participants on the various elements of innovation and experience the techniques first-hand.
  • To converge the participants into taking on real-life deliverables / challenges in the company and using the tools and techniques learnt to come up with impactful solutions.
  • Handholding the participants over a period of time to ensure that the tools and techniques are properly applied, track and monitor progress and to help in achieving desired outcomes.
Do you want cutting edge HR to support your business and take it to the next level? Are you in a situation where you don’t know how to create or run your HR Function? Do you want to engage the best HR talent, but can’t afford a full-time CHRO or a team? You need access to HR best practices, but don’t know whom to ask? Awesome, look no further! Absolute Spark will run the function for you and support your organization with:
  • Creating and running all your HR systems and processes, throughout the employee’s life-cycle.
  • Putting our talent in your company, on a retained basis, who would be back-end supervised and guided by some of the best HR talent in the country.
  • Creating an HR function on a build-operate-transfer model, if so required.
All this would mean that you would have a world class HR function, without the sweat, leaving you to focus on your business at hand.

Do you need help with the following:

  • What should my organization structure look like?
  • Where are the synergies in my present structure to avoid duplication?
  • What can we outsource, which is depleting my time and resources in non-core activities?
  • How do I become a better Employer Brand?
  • What makes me enhance my market capitalization value and therefore shareholder interest?

Yes, it’s possible! We have done this routinely in multiple organizations, across industry. We are here to help you.

An organization is only as good as its Leadership Team. We help you create an aligned leadership team, fully focussed on delivering your business objectives. Our interventions include:

  • Vision, Mission and Values Creation, alignment & dissemination.
  • Conflict Resolution and Alignment workshops.
  • Leadership & Teambuilding outbound programs
  • Communication Strategy & Linkage to cultural initiatives.
  • Facilitating employee engagement/ best places to work surveys and then help in creating action plans to bridge the gaps.
  • Defining cultural pillars, behavioural aspects and working through exercises, interventions, simulation and practices to reinforce those.

Every Company has the potential to increase its revenues by 15-20% using the existing manpower and products. We engage with business leaders to explore bottlenecks, identify opportunities and focus on execution excellence to deliver exceptional results. Using a 360◦ approach, we help companies with:

  • Creating an effective sales structure.
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and SOPs.
  • Setting the reporting process and dashboards.
  • Identifying leading and lagging indicators and improving those.
  • Reward & Recognition.
  • Incentive design.
  • Sales HR Manual.

Most importantly, we identify organizational specific areas for improvement and design interventions around those.

Our consultants have engineered some of the biggest transitions, mergers and integrations in the Indian industry, including:
  • Acquisition of Seagram by Pernod Ricard.
  • Integration of van Melle and Chupa Chups companies with Perfetti.
  • Acquisition of Alliance Tire Group by KKR from Warburg Pincus.
  • Transition of the PepsiCo COBO operations to the bottlers.

In a nutshell, we are there to help you:

  • Integrate group companies into a common identity.
  • Transit organizations from family owned to a contemporary, state-of-the-art business.
  • Support in the acquisition of companies and inclusion into an existing business.
  • Manage change in ownership, structure and culture.

We have an inclusive approach to change management, which includes creating a strategy, communication plan, execution plan, follow through, concurrent process checks and review mechanisms.

Talk to us to understand more.

Do we need to say more?

We get you the best of the best talent, so that you can continue on your path of accelerated excellence!

We create HR systems and processes from scratch. Alternatively, we can enhance your current systems and processes to a scalable, sustainable and world-class practice. The following are some of the HR domain items we work on:

Mission Vision Values
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
Organization Structure
  • Organogram
  • Job Descriptions
  • Banding and Grading
  • Role Titles
  • Process Planning
  • Offer letter format
  • Appointment letter format
  • Joining Deck/ Kit
  • Induction Process
  • Induction Kit
  • Exit Interview Format
  • Compensation Structure Creation
  • Increment and Promotion Process Creation
Policy Manual Creation
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Drafting the Policy Manual
Performance Appraisal
  • Drafting the process
  • Creating a Template for Appraisal/ Reviews
  • Creating formats for Personal Development Plan
Training & Development
  • Creating a T and D process
  • Co-creating a communication strategy
  • Draft formats of communication
  • Fun at workplace idea document
Branding & Marketing

The first step involves developing a story, communication and positioning for the programme (jointly with your institute and Absolute Spark).

Admission Process

The quality of student intake has adefinitive role to play in the eventual placement process. The selection process usually comprises of the following steps:

1. Group discussions and engagement exercises
2. Personal interviews to assess personality and gravitas
3. Overall assessment and decision-making based on additional criteria like diversity,varied backgrounds,etc

Absolute Spark can support your institute in the last 3 points depending on the Institute policy with a view to ensuring the quality of intake is in line with eventual industry selection criteria.

Post Selection / Pre-Joining

Our research has shown that engagement with selected students from this stage onwards, results in (i) reduced dropouts before the commencement of the course;(ii) a heightened perception of the depth and reach of your Institute in the industry and; (iii) a larger window to provide inputs which are critical for success in their final placements. With this is mind, Absolute Spark proposes to engage with the selected students from Feb onwards till the tine they join, with reference to the following:

1. Provide a comprehensive induction to your Institute, in all its facets
2. Be a single point of contact on behalf of your Institute for queries and issues
3. Provide basic weekly engagement modules up till the time the students join, to keep them warm, interested and also more geared towards the more intense inputs after joining

Post-Joining Creating Student Readliness

Upon joining students will have 3-4 months to prep for placement interviews. Within this window, Absolute Spark will:

1. A realistic evaluation of their personality vis-à-vis role fitment (sales, marketing, analyst, consultant, project manager, etc.) through Lumina Spark or related tools (cost of assessment would be borne by your Institute)
2. Helping with creating resumes: 1 pager, comprehensive and video
3. Training on body language, personality and basic communication
4. Insights and inputs on group discussions, case studies and simulations
5. Interviewing skills with mock interviews and customized interviews
6. Counselling, group sessions, one-on-ones and customised industry/ interview support

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